The Olympians Network

The World Olympians Association will soon be launching the Olympians Network – a digital social club created exclusively for Olympians.

The Olympians Network will offer you the ability to connect with other Olympians, share experiences and stories, and exchange ideas and new opportunities. It will be your club, your place to share whatever you want and stay in touch with other Olympians or make new friends.

If you are an Olympian, please visit this page again soon for launch details of the Olympians Network.

Your exclusive olympian.org email address

All Olympians are entitled to have an olympian.org email address which you can use for work and social purposes as your primary or secondary email account.

If you don't yet have an olympian.org email address, register here.

If you already have an olympian.org email address, your service is currently being migrated to a new system, which will give you greater stability and much improved functionality including automatic syncing of emails, contacts and calendars across devices.


In order to get set up on the new service please email support@thewoa.org.

If you have already done that and need to configure your laptop or device please download the appropriate user guide on this page ONLY if you are using Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013 (your existing emails and folders will be imported into your upgraded account ONLY if you follow the guide exactly) or if you are using an Android phone or tablet or an IOS Apple phone or computer or tablet and you do NOT want to keep all your existing emails on your device.


It is a bit complicated if you want to keep your existing emails and folders if you access your olympian.org mailbox via webmail or via your iphone, apple tablet or mac computer or android phone or tablet. If you want to keep your exiting emails and folders on an apple or android device or if you have a blackberry phone, you MUST get in touch with our support team who will guide you through the process. If you don't do that, you may permanently delete all your existing emails.

So please get in touch at support@thewoa.org or phone us on: +44 20 7183 2494 (UK); +1 646 475 2110 (US) from 0800-1830 GMT.

If you have already configured your new service you can log in here.