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30 Olympian-led projects awarded WOA Grants

5 | 6 | 2024

Thirty projects from 25 countries have been awarded the 2024 WOA Service to Olympians and Service to Society Grants and will be delivered in the coming months.

Using rowing to enhance students’ well-being in underserved schools in United States, providing training and competition for weightlifting athletes led by the Philippines’s first Olympic gold medallist and creating safe, accessible recreation spaces for community cohesion in Fiji are examples of Olympian grant awardees leveraging sport and the Olympic values to drive social change.

WOA President Joël Bouzou OLY said:

“As pledged to the Global Alliance for the Promotion of Physical Activity, I am glad there were many NOAs and Olympians that have taken up the mantle to deliver sport and physical activity projects benefiting their communities. It is important for us to maintain an active lifestyle throughout our lives and also inspire all to keep fit for physical and mental health.”

Zambia Olympians Association President Jonathan Chipalo OLY added:

“With the WOA grant, 150 children will benefit from our eight-week project to eradicate childhood obesity through fitness exercises. Our Olympians will also participate and organise a fun competition for the kids, which we hope will increase the love and enjoyment of physical activity from a young age. Olympians will not only lead the talk but also walk the walk.”

NOAs and Olympians can share their projects HERE to be featured on WOA website, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram.

2024 WOA Grant NOA Recipients

  • Africa, Cape Verde: Basketball a Lifestyle
  • Africa, Lesotho: Empowering Young vulnerable girls in athletics - Project 2028
  • Africa, Sao Tome and Principe: Kids’ Athletics
  • Africa, South Africa: Olympic Fun
  • Africa, South Africa: OLY Ceremony and Olympians’ Reunion
  • Africa, Togo: Educating Youths about the Olympic Values
  • Africa, Zambia: Fitness Exercises Activities for Children
  • Americas, Argentina: Olympians Forum
  • Americas, Aruba: SwimUnity - Aruban Olympians Inspire Open Water Fitness Series  
  • Americas, Grenada: OLY Ceremony
  • Americas, Jamaica: WATABOUND, learn to swim initiative
  • Americas, USA: Expanding Physical Education Opportunities Through Rowing in Rural Areas 
  • Americas, USA: Olympic Business Internship Programme
  • Asia, Chinese Taipei: Empowering Communities Through Olympic Engagement
  • Asia, Japan: 12/52 Project – Impact of Menstrual Cycle on Female Athletes
  • Asia, Maldives: First OLY Ceremony
  • Asia, Maldives: Splash into Confidence
  • Asia, Malaysia: Be the Next Olympians
  • Asia, Nepal: Empowering Youth Through Olympian Mentorship 
  • Asia, Philippines: Paying it Forward – Nurturing Sporting Champs at Hidilyn Diaz Weightlifting Academy
  • Europe, Great Britain: Kakuma Sport Leadership Programme - introduction of the sport of indoor rowing in the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya
  • Europe, Great Britain: Merton Borough of Sport/Tim Henman Foundation – Inclusive Europe, Italy - Healthy Lifestyles
  • Europe, Malta: Olympians’ Green Pathway
  • Europe, Netherlands: First Dutch OLY Ceremony
  • Europe, Slovakia: Sports Festival
  • Europe, Spain – World Run for Proyecto Hombre Activity Programme
  • Europe, Spain: The Crew Together – Sport for Refugees in Seville
  • Oceania, Australia: EmpowHERment by Blair Evans OLY
  • Oceania, Australia: Young Women in Cycling by Chloe Hosking OLY
  • Oceania, Fiji: Safe Accessible Recreation Spaces for All