Olympians for Life

Two photographs: One story of passion and determination. The Olympic spirit lives on well beyond an Olympian's competition days. Some Olympians devote their lives to promoting peace; others fight for women's rights or to improve the lives of disadvantaged young people. They draw on their Olympic experience to help make the world a better place.

  • Simidele Adeagbo OLY – Nigeria, Skeleton

    Using sport to overcome adversity
    “Sport is a hugely powerful tool. By creating my Simisleighs masterclass we help inspire and empower girls from some of the world’s most marginalised communities. The network of sport is so powerful because you’re surrounded by others who are also purpose driven and it’s about working together to move forward.”

  • Alain Calmat OLY – France, Figure Skating

    Giving back to society after a life in sport
    “During the final three years of my skating career, I attended medical school as I wanted to become a surgeon and build a successful career after retirement. Having experienced 4 Olympics, I truly believe in the Olympic Movement and what it stands for so I wanted to dedicate my post-Games life to helping others and making a positive impact.”

  • Clara Hugues OLY – Canada, Speed Skating and Cycling

    Encouraging meaningful conversations within sport
    “It wasn’t until after the 2010 Olympics that I learnt how to share my own struggles with mental health. In sharing my story so many people have since opened up about their own stories. I think there is still a long way to go in creating more access to support for athletes. It’s more than just supporting someone to succeed, it’s supporting someone in their struggles and that effort to succeed.”

  • Shiva Keshavan OLY – India, Luge

    Creating opportunity through Winter Sports
    “My experience as an Olympian gave me a great platform to help provide more opportunities for younger generations to get involved with sport. There is a lot of value that Olympians can add to a country’s sporting success post their competitive career. The next ambition of mine is to continue to promote the Winter Games and the Olympian movement in India and the wider Himalayan region.”

  • Ben Sandford OLY – New Zealand, Skeleton

    Leading the fight for cleaner sport
    “It is so important that sport maintains its integrity, fairness and equality. Athlete representation in decision making is key to maintaining these values within sport and is something we must all strive for if we want a future cleaner and fairer sport.”