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There are over 100,000 living Olympians throughout the world. Our remit is to support them all, to work for the benefit of all Olympians at all stages of their lives.

There are 108 National Olympians Associations (NOAs) spread across all five continents. They organise events for Olympians and run projects that help their local communities. Projects based on the Olympic ideals laid down by Pierre de Coubertin.

We help the National Associations help their Olympian members and spread the spirit of Olympism in their country. Our NOA Development Grant gives financial aid to the NOAs so they can run their programmes. And our Service to Society and Service to Olympians grants helps pay for longer-term projects that benefit their local communities.

We are creating a range of benefits for Olympians. We have secured online university scholarships, mentorships, job placements and life coaching programmes for Olympians assisting them transition to a life beyond competitive sport following retirement.

Olympians have a special capacity to use the power and neutrality of sport for the good of society, employing its unique potential to foster social cohesion wherever it is needed. Olympians also personify the values of excellence, teamwork and discipline – they can serve as role models to help bring communities together, across all ethnic, religious and social divides.