US Olympians President calls for greater protection of athletes

26 | 1 | 2018

In an open letter to athletes everywhere, United States Olympians and Paralympians Association (USOPA) President Dick Fosbury has called for greater protection for athletes and increased funding for education and safe sport initiatives.

The letter comes following the revelations surrounding the abuse of US gymnasts at the hands of team doctor Larry Nasser. In the letter, Fosbury and the USOPA Executive Committee shared their anguish at the suffering the gymnasts endured and applauded their collective courage at speaking out.

The letter states: “We are united in saying that there is no place for abuse in sport – at any age, at any level, in any venue. As Olympic and Paralympic alumni we want you to know we are a family that stands strong for the ideals of the Olympic/Paralympic movements.”

The USOPA also offers US-based athletes information on how to get help and report abuse through the Safe Sport initiative:

24/7 SafeSport Crisis Helpline +1 866-200-0796

You can read the full letter HERE