WOA Patron HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco says Save our Seas

12 | 5 | 2018

WOA Patron HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco gave an impassioned speech at the 1st Ocean Risk Summit in Bermuda in which he called for the urgent preservation of our oceans.

Speaking in his role as a world leader and as a representative of the Olympic Movement and Olympians worldwide, Prince Albert spoke of our profound reliance upon the oceans and the crisis that is currently being faced due to issues such as pollution and climate change, overfishing and exploitation.

“The oceans are obviously affected by what we inflict on the atmosphere, and by all our activities. They all cause major disturbance to marine ecosystems and to the equilibrium of the oceans.”

He went on to add that by re-thinking the existing model and developing alternative, eco-friendly solutions, we can create a more sustainable future.

“As has often happened in the past, major crises can lead to major advances. It is up to us to make this happen now. We must reconcile the aspirations of humankind with the needs of the environment.

“Global challenges such as the preservation of the oceans naturally demand a concerted multilateral approach.”

He called on the international community to come together to develop a set of globally enforceable regulations designed to properly protect the seas and to encourage a more responsible attitude towards our oceans.

WOA President Joël Bouzou OLY added:

“Olympians can and must play a role in drawing people’s attention to this most pressing issue. As ambassadors and role models, they can champion the need for greater protection of our oceans, promote conservation causes and speak out against the effects of climate change and pollution. Olympians have the power to mobilise those around them and help foster a more responsible, sustainable future.”

The inaugural Ocean Risk Summit brought together leaders from across the political, economic and environmental sectors to address the current risks and challenges facing the earth’s oceans by looking at new and dynamic solutions to the issues.

You can read HSH Prince Albert II’s full speech HERE.

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Image credit: Ocean Risk Summit / Chris Burville