APPLY NOW: 2018 WOA Grants Programme

19 | 7 | 2018

World Olympians Association has launched its 2018 Grants Programme, inviting National Olympians Associations around the world to apply for funding for projects, initiatives and activities that enhance the role of Olympians in society and support them in their life transition.

The three separate funding streams now open to applications for the 2018 / 2019 funding cycle are:

  1. Service to Society Grant
  2. Service to Olympians Grant
  3. NOA Development Grant


The Service to Society Grant offers NOAs the opportunity to apply for one of five U.S. five thousand-dollar (US$5,000) grants to help drive sustainable, Olympian-led community projects and initiatives. The aim of the scheme, which was first launched in November 2016, is to empower Olympians to deliver projects that help their communities and are aligned with the promotion of the Olympic values. 

WOA has successfully funded projects in Australia, India, Colombia, Malaysia, Zimbabwe, Estonia, Chile, Palau, Japan, Moldova, Cape Verde and the United States in the last two years which encourage Olympians to make a difference in their communities by using sport as a catalyst for change.

From an Olympian–run chicken farm in Zimbabwe that raises money to fund the life transition of athletes to bringing the Olympic values to children in post-conflict zones in Colombia, the projects continue to inspire beyond the field of play, allowing Olympians to make a positive impact in their communities and beyond.

This year, for the first time, WOA is also offering a Service to Olympians Grant, which has been established to support Olympians off the field of play. Revealed by WOA during the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games, the scheme offers five U.S. five thousand-dollar (US$5,000) grants to fund programmes that directly benefit the ongoing development of Olympians. This could include education, skill building initiatives, reunion activities or any other programmes that directly benefit Olympians.    

Once again, the NOA Development Grant, available to all National Olympians Associations to fund regular programmes, activities and administration costs associated with the operations of their organisation are also open for applications.  

WOA President, Joël Bouzou OLY, said:

“We are proud to launch the WOA Grants Programme for 2018, extending the reach of our Service to Society funding for the third year in a row and introducing a new funding stream through the Service to Olympians Grants, which will make a positive impact on the lives of our Olympic alumni as they transition to life after sport.

“Olympians are the heart of the Olympic Movement. Driven by a passionate belief in the power of sport to make a real difference in the world, they are able to inspire positive action and unite communities, spreading the spirit of Olympism far beyond the field of play. Our mission is to ensure Olympians are given the necessary support to enable them to fulfil this mission. By working for the benefit of all Olympians at all stages of their lives we are helping to empower them to make the world a better place.

“We are delighted to be able to support even more worthy projects developed for and by Olympians in the upcoming funding cycle. We look forward to finding out more about the inspiring plans from our Olympian family around the world as they are submitted.”

You can find out more information about WOA’s 2018 Grants Programme and apply for funding HERE

The deadline for 2018 Service to Society and Service to Olympians applications is 31 August 2018.