Olympic glory on the horizon as YOG begins

5 | 10 | 2018

Young athletes from around the world are coming to Buenos Aires for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games (YOG), as their ultimate dream of joining the Olympian community and appearing at a full Summer or Winter Games is one step closer.

And, as the data shows, the YOG platform has provided the perfect springboard for athletes to exceed their expectations and achieve those dreams.

Since the YOG was launched in 2010, more than 850 YOG athletes have gone on to become Olympians, with 302 appearing at an Olympic Winter Games and 595 at a Summer Games. Over 100 YOG athletes have won Olympic medals, with 55 coming at Rio 2016 alone.

The YOG is proving to be an inspiring mixture of elite sport, culture and education but also a strong pathway for aspiring Olympians.

Among the famous faces to appear at both a Youth and Olympic Games are South African London 2012 Olympic Champion Chad Le Clos and Australian canoe star and Olympic Silver and Bronze Medallist Jessica Fox OLY – with more household names set to emerge in Buenos Aries.

Discussing his experience, Le Clos, a Buenos Aires 2018 Ambassador, said:

“The Youth Olympic Games provided the perfect foundation for me to reach my dream of becoming an Olympian. It taught me the values of Olympism and what it means to compete at the highest level. I’m sure that the athletes appearing in Buenos Aries will be inspired by the incredible spirit the Olympics creates and I hope to see many of these faces at future Games to come.”

Jessica Fox OLY added:

“Competing at the YOG was one of my most memorable experiences and it was such a valuable opportunity to experience the Olympic environment- something that definitely helped me for the Olympic Games a few years later. 

“The YOG is a springboard to performing on the greatest stage of all, and I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity it afforded me. I hope all athletes enjoy and learn from this amazing opportunity to represent their country.”

WOA President Joel Bouzou OLY also had a special message for the young athletes:

“On behalf of World Olympians Association, I would like to congratulate all the young athletes on the shining example they are setting as future torchbearers of the Olympic Movement.

“As an Olympian, I understand the commitment, determination and sacrifice it takes to reach your dream of competing on the world stage and I wish you luck as you prepare to take part in the Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games.

“This is a truly wonderful event that embodies the spirit of Olympism and the values we hold dear. I am proud to see so many Olympians, like Chad Le Clos, passing on their knowledge to inspire the next generation of Olympic athletes as Ambassadors and Athlete Role Models.”

Image credit: IOC