Olympians at the forefront of the Olympism in Action Forum

7 | 10 | 2018

Around the globe, Olympians are leading the way, putting Olympism into action to help create a better, more unified world through sport.

This much was clear at the first IOC Olympism in Action Forum in Buenos Aires this weekend.

Taking place on the eve of the Summer Youth Olympic Games, the event focussed the global community on the importance of sport in society, with Olympians playing a key role by adding invaluable insight and sharing their inspiring stories to help drive forward the conversation.

“WOA was founded on the principle of Olympism in action; our mission is to be of service to Olympians, thereby empowering them to serve society. We are proud of the many WOA programmes that have been developed to support the work of Olympians all over the world; Olympians who selflessly offer up their time, energy and service as a living legacy of the power of Olympism long after they have finished competing. WOA encourages our National Associations to work in harmony with their National Olympic Committees and we work closely with IOC’s Athlete 365 to keep Olympians at the heart of the movement,” said WOA President Joël Bouzou OLY.

“The work carried out by WOA fits well with the mission and vision of the International Olympic Committee,” noted IOC Sports Director Kit McConnell. “Through the close collaboration between Athlete 365 and WOA, we are ensuring Olympians are firmly at the heart of the Olympic Movement while enhancing the role they can play as ambassadors of Olympism in action.”

Since WOA’s Service to Society grant programme was launched in 2016, WOA has helped fund many Olympian-led, sustainable community projects that align with the Olympic values. The addition of the Service to Olympians grant in 2018 means that even more Olympians are now able to benefit from WOA support.

Currently, WOA is also working with National Olympians Associations to strengthen and develop mentoring programmes at a national level. Additionally, the Olympians for Life programme, for Olympians who have made an exceptional contribution to society, and the OLY post-nominal recognition for all Olympians, are helping to elevate the profile of Olympians as a force for good in society.

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Image credit: IOC