Join the WOA Team

13 | 5 | 2019

Join World Olympians Association and be part of an active and growing global organisation that is serving the needs of Olympians and helping to empower them worldwide to make the world a better place through sport.

WOA is on the lookout for a passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated Olympian to join its core team to boost the ongoing development of National Olympians Associations (NOAs) in the Americas.

The new role – WOA Development Officer, Americas - will support the growth and expansion of NOAs in the region and help raise the profile and influence of Olympians in society.

WOA launched its NOA Development Programme in 2018, establishing its first-ever WOA Development Officer, who is based in Asia. Since that time the strength and influence of the NOAs in Asia has increased significantly, resulting in more and better quality services being offered to Olympians at a national level and resulting in more Olympian-led programmes that serve their local communities.

WOA is now expanding the programme to include the Americas as it recognises the potential of this region. From the most recent Summer Games in Rio 2016 to Los Angeles 2028 and beyond, the opportunity to enhance the role of Olympians as ambassadors of the Olympic Movement and a living legacy of the Games is enormous.

The new role will include facilitating development strategies for NOAs, training and education on effective NOA leadership, governance and project delivery and providing local support for the WOA Grants Programme. The ideal candidate will already be based in the Americas, speak fluent English and Spanish and be available to travel for work.

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