Make your idea come true, like these Olympians

14 | 2 | 2020

18 months ago they were just ideas. Now, the Philippines and Moldova NOAs have seen their visions come to life after making full use of their 2019 WOA Service to Olympians and Service to Society grants.

During the South-East Asian (SEA) Games, the Philippines NOA organised the first-ever regional OLY certificate and pin presentation. The successful grant allowed Olympians from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and host Philippines to come together committing to deeper collaboration between their NOAs, NOCs and Athletes’ Commissions.

WOA Board Member Malav Shroff OLY, said: “I am grateful to the Philippines NOA for hosting the SEA workshop followed by a great evening showing how our unique network brings together Olympians and NOAs in shared experiences. It was a great chance to catch-up with friends and celebrate their sporting achievements. And most importantly, to plan projects and programmes for the future.”

Shining a light on protecting our environment is a passion of many Olympians and the Moldovan NOA is no different. Working with their NOC partners, the WOA  grant supported ECOfest. Bringing the community together to protect the stunning scenery, ECOfest cleans one of Moldova’s biggest parks, planted trees and in true Olympian spirit, they ran a range of sports events too.

If you have an idea for a project, programme, event or more then you can apply for a WOA grant HERE before 31st March 2020.