It’s easy to earn money by creating a business on Airbnb

9 | 3 | 2020

Millions of people are searching for unique experiences on Airbnb and you as an Olympian can offer a truly one-of-a-kind activity that fits around your lifestyle and get paid to do so.

Newly announced International Olympic Committee partner Airbnb is offering you the opportunity to earn money doing what you love. Airbnb is one of the world’s largest marketplaces for places to stay and access to thousands of experiences and activities. No matter your background and interest, or how much time you can dedicate, all Olympians have the possibility to host an experience on Airbnb. 

Many of your fellow Olympians are already taking advantage of the opportunity. For instance, Canadian Olympian Simon Whitfield started an Airbnb experience in his hometown of Victoria, Canada, taking visitors paddle boarding and he really enjoys it.

Whatever your interest, whether it’s giving lessons in your sport, running a sport or any other type of activity or hosting a viewing party to watch the Games, Athlete 365 and Airbnb will work with you to develop your Olympian Experience from the very beginning, giving you the tools to run your own business. 

Interested? Click HERE to get started as an Airbnb Olympian Experience host.