Play your part in the #WhiteCard campaign

3 | 4 | 2020

Show your solidarity with the global community by taking part in the annual #WhiteCard campaign on April 6 - the International Day of Sport and Development.

Share a photo of yourself holding up a symbolic white card on social media using #WhiteCard and #IDSDP2020 to highlight the importance of driving social change and community development through sport.

You could even start a digital relay by making a video passing on a #WhiteCard to one of your fellow Olympians.

Through social media we can stand together to recognize the unifying power of sport in bringing communities together to shape a better future. Now more than ever we must join as one team to send a message of global unity and cooperation.

Last year the campaign reached over 98 million people and with your help we can spread the message further. As Olympians, you are role models within your communities and you can help magnify the campaign, ensuring as many people take part to send a resounding message of hope across the world.

More information on the #WhiteCard campaign can be found HERE.