Start earning money with Airbnb Olympian Experiences now

30 | 6 | 2020

Join the many Olympians who are already earning money and growing their brand by sharing their passions on the Airbnb Experiences platform.

By registering now Airbnb will fast-track your application so millions of people from all over the world can see your Experience.

During this challenging period Airbnb Experiences moved online, giving you the ability to earn money and start a business all from the comfort of your home.

The Experience you host could be anything from Zumba classes to workouts to calligraphy to motivational classes, whatever your passion, we can work with you to turn it into a business on Airbnb.

From quick, personalised support, to a range of free and exclusive benefits, here are eight compelling reasons to sign up today:

  1. Fast-Tracked onboarding
    The Airbnb Olympian Experiences team will provide you with a fast-tracked review and publishing process, ensuring that you can quickly turn an idea into an Experience.
  2. 1-to-1 support
    You’ll receive bespoke guidance from a member of their dedicated team.
  3. Free photos to help you shine
    You’ll be provided with free access to high resolution, professional photos of your Olympic moment.
  4. Expert writing support
    The team will also provide editorial guidance to make sure your Experience page catches the eye.
  5. Use of Olympic brand
    You’ll also benefit from exclusive use of the Olympic rings on your Experience page.
  6. Worldwide promotion
    Your Experience will be promoted on Airbnb, plus WOA and IOC platforms, giving you access to a huge range of potential guests.
  7. Vanity URL
    Airbnb can provide you with a Vanity URL which will enable you to directly promote it across any of your social platforms, such as:
  8. Regular feedback
    The team are going to be with you every step of the way, providing you with ongoing, personalised support and feedback.

If you have an idea or know someone else who would benefit click here! Do not hesitate to send us a note if you would like more detail before applying.