Watch how to grow your Olympian legacy

11 | 9 | 2020

You can now watch the “Delivering your Olympian legacy” webinar on-demand and hear how two Olympian leaders are making the most of their legacies.

Chris Stokes OLY and Akiko Thomson-Guevara OLY shared experiences of using their Olympian legacies and sport as a force for good to inspire the next generation of Olympians and their communities.

Chris revealed that by giving back to the people and communities who have supported you in reaching your goals, you can find your purpose:

“I feel a very strong sense of purpose having stood on so many shoulders. Now I need to fortify myself so that the next person from Jamaica who says that they want to be a bobsledder can stand on my shoulders. That’s a legacy.”

Akiko, the Philippines Olympians Association President, encouraged Olympians to reach out to the support networks available to them such as their NOAs:

“It’s good to be connected and involved because you can find people to partner with that share the same vision.”

Becoming an Olympian requires dedication and both Chris and Akiko mentioned how important it was for them to be part of the Olympian community:

“It is amazing that three letters - OLY - say and mean so much to us about the path that we’ve taken.”

You can connect with your NOA and learn what support is available to help you create a positive impact by getting in touch with us.