Start promoting Be OLY now

27 | 7 | 2021

Encourage your network of Olympians to Be OLY using our new range of promotional materials and resources.

Now is the perfect time to promote Be OLY with your members and your wider Olympian community with the Games in full swing and the first-ever OLY Day fast approaching.

Make your message stand out and grow your NOA by using our full library of digital and printable Be OLY assetsUse them on your website, social media, newsletters and in-person at events. There are dozens of resources available in a variety of languages, including posters, leaflets, web images, ads, social media posts and animated GIFs.

Get them via our new Be OLY page HERE under the Share OLY tab or directly via the WOA DropBox HERE and start promoting today.

You can also add an OLY House Tokyo 2020 animated signature to your emails to promote our new Games-time destination for Olympians and Leave your Mark campaign. Click HERE to download the animated GIF and add to the bottom of your emails along with the hyperlink: 

The OLY community has grown to over 16,000 Olympians globally since launch in 2017. Now we can use the momentum of Tokyo 2020 to help grow our community even further.

Use our specific OLY Day resources HERE to plan inspirational events to welcome your Olympians home from Tokyo 2020, including:

  • 10 Steps to deliver OLY Day
  • OLY Presentation Delivery Guide
  • What is OLY Presentation
  • OLY film
  • Video Message from WOA President Joël Bouzou OLY (available soon)
  • OLY User Guide
  • OLY FAQ Sheet

If you already have plans to deliver a similar OLY Day event or if you have questions on how best to make it a success, we would love to know about it. Send a note to Amaranta Acosta at

If you have any questions about the new Be OLY promotional materials please contact