Apply now to build your business skills with EY’s Women’s Network

29 | 9 | 2021

Are you looking to take the next step in your career?

The EY Women Athletes Business Network is seeking female Olympians with outstanding leadership potential to join the 2022 Global Mentoring Programme.

Using all the qualities gained from reaching the pinnacle of your sport and open to all female Olympians whether actively competing or retired, the Global Mentoring Programme will help you make the transition to a new career in excelling as an effective leader or entrepreneur.

After being matched with an EY Business mentor who will help you set your career goals and plan for future growth, you will develop the skills needed to succeed in translating experiences in sport into business excellence.

Running over a 10-month period from January through November 2022, you will expand your network with business leaders, entrepreneurs, and other elite athletes and participate in a series of one-to-one and online group sessions. Participants must be comfortable to read, write and speak in English.

If you are an ambitious female Olympian or know of one, applications must be submitted HERE by 31 October 2021.