Host Olympian Reunions during Beijing 2022

26 | 1 | 2022

Beijing 2022 is an opportunity for all of us to come together, be inspired and celebrate the amazing achievements of Olympians.

A perfect way to connect with your Olympian members either in person or online is through Olympian Reunions. And WOA is here to help and support you with organising.

NOAs can organise:

  • Airbnb Experiences
    Arrange an online experience for a group of Olympians delivered by Airbnb hosts. There are many experiences on offer such as Chinese cooking or learning tai chi, and lots of other experiences to choose from around the world.
  • Congratulate Competing Olympians
    Help to congratulate Olympians who are competing in Beijing 2022. Schedule a surprise Zoom call with other Olympians from your country or send them a congratulations video. This is a great opportunity to connect with these new Olympians and welcome them to the OLY community.  
  • Celebrating Winter Sport
    Even if your country does not have a big winter sports culture, you can still enjoy Beijing 2022. Host a themed event to gather your Olympian community and build excitement around the Winter Games. There are lots of ideas to get you started such as hosting a cultural meal or running a quiz in person or online.
  • OLY Welcome Home
    The Olympics is about the celebration of all who take part, not just those who win medals. Host an OLY Presentation to welcome home Olympians that competed in Beijing 2022, honouring their achievements, and connecting Olympians from all generations and sports.

For more information about the different Olympian Reunions and the support WOA can provide click here.

If you have other ideas about how to celebrate Olympians and the Winter Games please let us know.

For help, advice or feedback contact your Development Officer or email