Please donate now to #OlympiansforUkraine

21 | 4 | 2022

Our fellow Olympians in Ukraine need your support.   

The unique bond we all share as Olympians holds our community together no matter where you are from or when you competed.  

The Ukrainian Olympians Association has asked us to ask you to give generously to help Ukrainian Olympians in need and to help rebuild sport in their country. 

WOA has set a symbolic target for the appeal of 100,000 Swiss francs – one franc for each living Olympian. 

WOA President Joël Bouzou OLY said: “You can make a real difference by supporting the #OlympiansforUkraine appeal. Our fellow Olympians in Ukraine are in need. We must help them, just as we helped in Sierra Leone and Liberia with our #TargetEbola campaign. Please donate what you can.” 

Those who wish to show their support can do so HERE.     

Friends and family can also contribute so please pass on the link or reshare our social media posts on Facebook and Twitter