Mexican Olympians meet to discuss medical care

23 | 1 | 2023

Mexican Olympians heard about a proposal to extend medical care to all Olympians in Mexico at their Olympians Association General Meeting last week in Mexico City. Over 40 Olympians took part in the meeting. 20 of them were presented with their OLY Certificates and pins.

NOA Mexico President, Daniel Aceves OLY told the General Assembly about a petition that is being sent to the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) requesting medical services for all Mexican Olympians and their families that are not covered by any public medical healthcare programme.

Aceves said: “Many Mexican Olympians are in need of medical healthcare and sadly, after having represented our country at the highest sporting event, many are not part of any public healthcare programme. For this reason, we are lobbying to guarantee that all Mexicans who have represented our country at the Olympic Games are guaranteed medical healthcare for life from the Mexican Institute of Social Security, for themselves and their family members. This is a basic right that all Olympians should have.”

The Director of Sport of the Mexican Institute of Social Security was present at the General Assembly and confirmed its support for the initiative.

Also at the General Assembly special OLY Ceremony was held for three Mexican Olympic stars who had passed away and had not previously been recognised by the WOA. Their families received their OLY certificates and thanked the NOA and the Mexican Olympic Committee for recognising the contribution of their loved ones to Mexican Olympism. The Olympians honoured were:

  • Raúl Macías (Boxing, Helsinki 1952)
  • Juan Francisco García (Boxing, Munich 1972)
  • Rafael Rueda (Boxing, London 1948 and Helsinki 1952)

Mexico first participated in the Olympic Games in 1900. Over 1,500 Mexican athletes have taken part in the Olympic Games since then.