IBM SkillsBuild for Olympians

21 | 3 | 2023

We’re excited to be working with IBM to bring you access to accredited job skills education and training through the IBM SkillsBuild platform.

IBM SkillsBuild can give you the skills to help you start your own business and take your career to the next level. It can also give you the tools to find a new career path and sharpen the skills you need for your existing job.

This is all part of WOA’s remit to help you and your fellow Olympians with life transition, giving you the knowledge and support to make your life outside of sporting competition productive, successful and rewarding.

So, sign up now using your email address. And if you haven’t yet applied for your free email address, just click the link on this page.

Get started on the next stage of your professional learning journey today. Your future awaits.