Nepalese Olympians go back to school

17 | 5 | 2023

Children in four provinces of Nepal have heard from Olympians about their sporting and life journeys as part of the Bringing Olympic Values to School project. The Nepalese NOA was awarded a WOA Service to Society grant to help fund the project, which is also supported by local sports authorities and state governments. It is targeted to be delivered in all seven provinces by the end of the year.

To bring the message close to home, Olympians from the respective provinces shared their personal stories with the students from remote schools and villages. Hundreds of students that have attended the programme have since been inspired in their own sporting journeys after engaging with the Olympians. 

NOA President, Deepak Bista OLY, commented: “The Bringing Olympic Values to School project is only the first step to promote the Olympic spirit with the schools. Importantly, this also allowed us to engage and raise the profile of Olympians all across the country. We will keep growing this project through partnerships with the government and sponsors to reach the youths all across Nepal.”

In April, in recognition of his tireless efforts through the NOA and years of service to society, Bista was awarded the prestigious national honour of Prabal Janasewahree (Strong Public Servant). He received his award directly from the President in a ceremony held at the Presidential Palace.