NOA Portugal celebrates its female Olympians

31 | 8 | 2023

The Association of Olympic Athletes of Portugal recently celebrated its 20th anniversary with a tribute to the "bravas do pelotão," the 137 women Olympians who have represented Portugal from Helsinki 1952 to Tokyo 2020. The event took place at the New Cruise Terminal of the Port of Leixões and was attended by about 200 Olympians, of which more than 40 were honoured.

The president of Portugal, Professor Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, sent a special video message for the event. Speakers at the event included Professor Sameiro Araújo of NOC Portugal, Carlos Pereira from the Portuguese Institute of Youth and Sport and Vasco Pinho, Sports Councillor from the Motosinhos City Council.

AAOP President Luis Alves Monteiro OLY said: “We want to create a strong community through the Olympic spirit that has the capacity to give back to society. The partners who were present left deeply satisfied because they realised they are investing in the right cause because we work for the athletes. In twenty years from now I hope to see the association as strong and capable as ever.”

Fernanda Ribeiro OLY said: “It feels great to be celebrated with my fellow Olympians while I’m still alive . I even received calls from male athletes currently in competitions apologising for not being able to join, since they believe I deserve the recognition.

Carla Sacramento OLY added: “Honouring unity makes strength. As they say, when you want to go fast, go alone. When you want to go far, go together.”

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