WOA launches NOA Development Grants for 2015

7 | 4 | 2015

The WOA has launched the NOA Development Grant for 2015 following the success of the inaugural programme in 2014.

Every NOA can apply for a WOA NOA Development Grant to help with basic administration costs to run meetings and projects and communicate with its members. NOAs will be asked to supply information and make a few commitments in order to qualify for a grant.

To apply for the grant, NOAs must fill in this application form

WOA President, Joël Bouzou, said:

“The WOA is delighted to launch the NOA Development Grant for 2015. Our role is to help the National Associations help their Olympian members to spread the spirit of Olympism in communities around the world. Olympians have a special capacity to use the power and neutrality of sport for the good of society, employing its unique potential to foster social cohesion wherever it is needed. The NOA Development Grant provides support for NOAs and their Olympian members, enabling them to fulfil their duties for the benefit of local communities.”

Grant applications and payments will be handled centrally by the WOA If you have any questions or need any help please email us at We look forward to receiving your application.