Olympians Receive Heartfelt Thanks for #TargetEbola Campaign

14 | 7 | 2015

The Liberian Olympians Association and the Medicover Health Centre in Monrovia have commended the WOA for the support they received through the WOA’s#TargetEbola campaign earlier this year.

During the height of the crisis the WOA shipped medical equipment and other much needed supplies to West Africa as part of its #TargetEbola appeal in order to help combat the spread of the outbreak.

The consignment sent to Liberia saw materials, which included syringes, gauze, masks, gloves, thermometers and mattresses, distributed to more than 50 health institutions and medical workers fighting the disease around the country.

In a heartfelt letter, Dr. Mohamed S. Swaray MD, Chief Medical Officer at the Medicover Health Centre in Monrovia, said the supplies received via the Liberian Olympians Association were indispensible.

“We wish to extend our compliments and best wishes to the staff of the Liberia Olympians Association and our international supporters for the magnificence and timely contributions to our establishments.

“We thank you very much for your support especially during this Ebola time and assure you that the materials were used for the intended purposes in our respective health centres and clinics. The donations and the way you related them in person earned my utmost respect.”

Liberia was the worst hit nation during the epidemic with more than 4,800 confirmed deaths and over 10,000 cases.

George Gould, President of the Liberian Olympians Association, said:

“This consignment filled a critical gap in the health service sector in Liberia that needed to be sustained in order to provide hope to the people. The effort made by the World Olympians Association, through Medisend International, to provide support to the Ebola relief of Liberia was gratefully received by the LOA.

“The LOA has received both verbal and written commendations and messages of appreciation from many recipients of the donations expressing how valuable the consignment of medical supplies and materials were to meet the very critical needs of the health system in Liberia.”

WOA President, JoëlBouzou, said:

“We are grateful for the support from the Liberian Olympians Association who were able to distribute the supplies on our behalf to those who needed it most and we are relieved the crisis has now abated somewhat. But it is not over and the fight continues for our colleagues in Liberia who face the real and very challenging prospect of a further devastating outbreak.

“The WOA would like to thank everyone who backed the Target Ebola campaign; your support has made a difference.”

#TargetEbola was launched in October 2014 following a plea to the WOA from two-time Sierra Leone Olympian Francis Dove Edwin who was a member of the Presidential task force to fight the spread of the virus in his home country. As part of the campaign the WOA teamed up with international aid organisation Oxfam and US humanitarian NGO Medisend International to deliver much needed supplies to West Africa.