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Zimbabwe Olympians unite to tackle doping in sport

21 | 12 | 2015

Olympians in Zimbabwe have shown their commitment to tackling doping in sport with the Zimbabwe Olympians Association (ZOA) and the Zimbabwe Olympic Committee (ZOC) teaming up to promote clean sport and raise awareness about the harmful effects performance enhancing drugs can bring.

Earlier this year, the Westgate Half Marathon in Harare, which attracted 3,000 runners making it one of the biggest mass participation events in the country, was used as a platform to raise awareness and educate the captive audience on anti-doping. 

Following the race, Stephen Mudawarima, from the Zimbabwe Olympic Committee Anti-Doping Commission, delivered a speech to the large crowd on prohibited drugs and the detrimental effects they can have on long term health. Educational pamphlets were also created and distributed by the ZOA during the presentation ceremony.

The joint campaign to stamp out drugs in sport has seen the ZOA and the ZOC work in close collaboration often sharing office space and the two organisations are planning to introduce three further anti-doping campaigns in the year ahead in order to keep the issue front of mind.

Speaking about the campaign, ZOA PresidentAbel Chimukoko said: 

“Combating doping in sport is one of our top priorities and along with our friends and colleagues at the ZOC we will continue to work hard to stamp out this issue. It is important that young athletes know why it is dangerous to use drugs and we firmly believe that education is key to tackling the problem.”

ZOC Secretary General Anna Mguni highlighted the importance of collaboration in the fight against doping in sport.

“The concept of doping has long been considered as ‘non-existent’ in Zimbabwean sport, despite the fact that it was taking place. With increased awareness, education and testing, indeed a few offences registered and sanctioned over the last five years, the drive to promote and uphold safe and clean sport is gaining momentum. Working with like-minded partners and organisations such as ZOA will increase reach and effectiveness”