New NOA Guide will Boost Capabilities

16 | 4 | 2019

World Olympians Association has launched a new online resource that will boost the capabilities and enhance the development of National Olympians Associations around the world.

The NOA Guide has been developed based on feedback from NOA leaders who drive the mission of the WOA at a national level. The guide provides information, tools and resources to help NOAs enhance local services and activities, engage with Olympians more effectively and ultimately advance their organisation. The guide will help ensure NOAs are in the best possible position to support the needs of Olympians at a local level while driving forward WOA’s global mission to empower Olympians to make the world a better place.

Access the NOA Guide HERE.

The NOA Guide was launched at the World Olympians Forum in Lausanne today in front of 150 Olympians from 110 National Olympians Associations. Participants were guided through the resource as part of a workshop led by expert trainers from the World Academy of Sport and WOA leadership.

The guide is built around six key areas which have been identified for successful NOA development.

  1. Member Engagement
  2. WOA Branding
  3. Service Project Delivery
  4. Leadership and Governance
  5. Finance Management
  6. Stakeholder Engagement

Each section includes a guide, downloadable templates and examples of best practices from NOAs around the world. NOAs are encouraged to use the guide to assist with the day to day running of their organisation.

“We are delighted to launch the NOA Guide at the World Olympians Forum in Lausanne,” said WOA President Joël Bouzou OLY. “We understand the invaluable support NOAs offer Olympians and the incredible work they carry out at a local level. This resource has been designed to support and enhance that work, providing NOAs with a foundation to assist them in the effective running of their organisation.”

WOA Secretary General Tony Ledgard OLY added: “The NOA Guide has been established to assist with the growth and development of NOAs around the world, and is the culmination of many months of work based on feedback we have received from members on the support needed to run their organisations successfully. It is a living document and knowledge bank that will be added to and updated over time. We hope that it proves a useful resource to all NOAs.”

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