Share your experiences and watch the Games with IOC TOP Partners in Tokyo 2020

24 | 1 | 2020

Where will you be six months from now? Feel like sharing your experiences with some of the best-known multinational companies in the world? If you’re already heading to Japan this summer, this is an opportunity for you to build relationships with the IOC’s most valued partners.

“Watch with an Olympian” is just one of the many programmes and benefits WOA will be running for Olympians during the Olympic Games this year. And we are announcing it today to mark the six months milestone to the Tokyo 2020 Opening Ceremony.

The Olympic Partner “Watch with an Olympian” programme will bring together the great and good of the sporting and business world to live a unique experience while in Tokyo. Not only will you watch the action live and share inside knowledge of your sport, but make new, influential, contacts which could open up opportunities for you in the future.

If you’re planning on being in Tokyo and are interested in taking part in this programme alongside the IOC TOP Partners make sure you’ve registered here.

WOA is in the process of gathering the specific sports identified by the partners. If we’re able to match you up with one of the IOC partners, we’ll contact you and, rest assured, there are more WOA opportunities to come as the Tokyo Games approach.