WOA Grants to impact more communities than ever

30 | 5 | 2023

Twenty-eight Olympian-led projects across all five continents will receive life-changing funding after being awarded this year’s WOA Service to Olympians and Service to Society Grants.

Organising a skateboard competition accessible for women in South Africa, teaching children from low economic backgrounds in Mexico how to swim and improving trash collection at international sports events in Japan are just a few of the inspirational projects awarded grants. All the projects will begin in the coming months.

WOA President Joël Bouzou OLY said:

“Supporting NOAs and Olympian-led projects is a top priority for us. I was impressed with the quality of the proposals and am excited to see these projects in action. We firmly believe that Olympians can make a genuine difference through spreading the spirit and practice of the Olympic Values to drive positive social change.”

Moses Tanui OLY from Kenya NOA commented:

“Our Service to Society grant will empower hundreds of girls to continue their education and achieve their full potential by providing access to reusable sanitary towels. This investment in a sustainable solution to a major problem in the region directly impacts the communities Olympians live and work in. We are grateful for the trust and support provided by the WOA to bring this project to life.”

Learn more about the inspirational work NOAs and Olympians are doing with their WOA 2023 Grants through our websiteFacebookTwitter and Instagram.

The next application window for WOA Grants will open at the start of 2024.

2023 WOA Grant NOA Recipients

  • Africa, Benin: Bringing the Values of Sport and Olympism to Primary Schools Through a Sports Camp
  • Africa, Egypt: Involving Refugees in Sport Activities and Community Development
  • Africa, Kenya: Giving Re-Usable Sanitary Towels & Info to Keep Girls in School
  • Africa, Mauritius: Setting Up of a Wall of Mauritian Olympians
  • Africa, Mauritius:  MOA Athlete Mentorship Programme
  • Africa, South Africa:  Athletes for Africa
  • Africa, South Africa:  Skate Smiles Club All-Ages Women’s Skate Competition
  • Africa, Zambia:  Health and Fitness for Disadvantaged, Vulnerable, and Refugee Children (Part Two)
  • Africa, Zimbabwe:  Our Environment Our Future
  • Americas, Brazil: First NOA General Assembly and OLY Ceremony
  • Americas, Canada: Boxing Training Sessions for Youth to Develop Self-Confidence
  • Americas, Chile: First NOA General Assembly and OLY Ceremony in the Lead Up to the 2023 Pan-American Games
  • Americas, Mexico:  Swimming saves lives and teaches values
  • Americas, USA: A Youth-Centred Outreach and Engagement Event with Olympians to Inspire Young Generations to be Active
  • Americas, Venezuela: Uniting Olympians in Person for the First Time in Venezuela
  • Asia, Japan:  Olympians' Action Project for Plastic Waste Problem
  • Asia, Japan: Promotion and Education of Clothed Swimming in Japan
  • Asia, Japan:  Women Leaders’ Support Network in Sports - “Think Together, Change Together”
  • Asia, Nepal:  School to Olympics Programme
  • Europe, Cyprus:  Winds of Change - Building Peace Through Sport
  • Europe, Great Britain:  British Olympic Foundation Holiday Activity and Food Programme
  • Europe, Great Britain: Educational Books & Judo Workshops for Children in Nepal
  • Europe, Portugal: Using Sport to Empower Women
  • Oceania, Australia: Karlup Wheels in Motion
  • Oceania, Australia: Recognition and Connection Event for Female Olympians
  • Oceania, Australia: Carbon SportsPrint Sustainability Education Programme
  • Oceania, Australia: Creating Confidence Programme delivered by Find My Balance
  • Oceania, New Zealand:   High Impact Athletes