Japan and Indonesia NOAs work together to deliver community projects

27 | 2 | 2024

After successfully running her WOA Service to Society grant funded clothed swimming project in Japan, Kyoko Iwasaki OLY has now helped the Indonesian Olympians run a similar project in Jakarta.

Olympians from Japan and Indonesia conducted the clothed swimming workshop last weekend for over 50 students and teachers. Students learnt how to self-rescue in emergency situations using everyday household items like water bottles.

Kyoko commented, "I was very happy to work with my fellow Olympians from Indonesia. They were instrumental in sorting the venues, making the arrangements with the schools and delivering the workshop with us. I look forward to continuing our friendship with Indonesia and hope to expand the project to another Asian country in the future."

After the swimming, the Japan NOA (OAJ) Olympians' Action Project which addresses the plastic waste problem was also run at Sakura Beach on Untung Jawa island. Over 30 Indonesian Olympians participated in cleaning up the beach and ensuring proper trash disposal including Rosiana Tendean OLY who said, "I believe small actions can go a long way. Our competitive career may be over but our duty to contribute and inspire never ends."

OAJ President Mikako Kotani OLY added "We are proud to have started the Olympians' Action Project in 2023 in Japan thanks to WOA project grant funding. We passed on the same tongs for litter-picking to the Philippines NOA who organised a beach clean-up as part of their event in Palawan last October. We are glad that we are also able to continue this initiative with the Olympians in Indonesia."

Indonesia NOA President Yayuk Basuki OLY said, "It is our moral obligation to take part in making a better society such as raising and dealing with the global environmental issue and teaching the next generation.

"We would like to thank the OAJ and their partners Japan Sports SDGs Association, the Japanese government and also our Sports Ministry and BASARNAS for their support which allowed us to execute the project successfully in Indonesia. We look forward to future collaborations with Japan and also other NOAs."

Photo credit: @okyarman