Nominate an Olympian to join the Olympians for Life honour roll

26 | 4 | 2024

Do you know of a summer Olympian who has made a real impact both on and off the field of play? Someone who has achieved in sport and life, whether through community service, advocacy, or an unwavering commitment to making the world a better place.

At each edition of the Games we award five Olympians, one from each continent, the prestigious title of Olympians for Life. We are seeking nominations of active or retired summer Olympians who you think should be honoured during Paris 2024. Here are two awardees from Rio.

Tegla Loroupe (KEN) 

Bringing together divided communities, promoting peace and progress 

I grew up in a conflict zone. I lost relatives. Becoming an Olympian meant overcoming difficulties, hard work and having respect. Without peace, the children don’t have time for education; there is no hope for progress. Disarming one bad person saves many lives. As an Olympian I have an obligation to speak out and to give back."

James D. Wolfensohn (AUS) 1933-2020

A life devoted to justice and equitable development

"Walking into the Olympic Stadium I realised literally for the first time that I was part of a global community. I felt empowered and wanted to empower people everywhere. That led me to try to tackle major global challenges such as peace, education, social justice, corruption, health and the environment, and guided my work in life and as President of the World Bank.”

You can see the full list of Olympians for Life inductees from previous Games here

To submit a nomination, send an email to by 17 May 2024. Please include the Olympian’s name, country and a summary of their contribution to society beyond the field of play. Help us inspire the world by recognizing the Olympians who embody the true spirit of Olympism.