Olympians asked to support #Sport4Climate before September 23

5 | 9 | 2014

Connect4Climate is challenging Olympians to get behind its #Sport4Climate campaign ahead of the 2014 UN Climate Summit in New York City on September 23.

Connect4Climate is a coalition of global partners dedicated to supporting climate change communication through the use of social media. With more than half a million followers, the project has recently been gaining international momentum. 

Olympian Leszek Jan Sibilski, a former member of Poland’s national cycling team and one of the leading campaigners for #Sport4Climate is calling on the international sporting community to understand and talk about the consequences of climate change by connecting, networking and sharing ideas on social media.

Sibilski hopes the #Sport4Climate campaign can raise awareness of global warming issues and is inviting fellow Olympians to sign up to ‘The Athlete's Pledge’ to show the world they take climate change seriously. 

Leszek Jan Sibilski, said: “It’s important to secure the voice of the sporting community in this unprecedented global discussion on climate change. The UN Climate Summit is the last big push before the 2015 Conference of the Parties in Paris where countries will aim to conclude a global climate agreement through the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.” 

Sibilski believes the power of social media combined with the positive social aspects of sport can make a difference to promoting the debate on climate change and addressing global concerns about the planet’s environmental future.