The Olympians Network launch planned for May

28 | 2 | 2014

The World Olympians Association this week held further talks about the creation of The Olympians Network - a global platform that will digitally unite all Olympians and provide support as they transition from their athletic careers to a life after sport. The platform is on track for a global launch this May.

The Olympians Network, a multi-language facility exclusively for Olympians, will provide the opportunity for Olympians of all ages to connect with each other and share stories, images and opportunities online. The innovative platform will also provide invaluable advice and support as Olympians begin their post sport career.

The facility will be linked to an employment search website that will find relevant job matches and provide advice and tips on CV writing and interview techniques. Psychometric tests that will recommend relevant career paths based on result indicators will also be included on the platform, alongside a buddy system that will pair newly retired athletes with older generation Olympians who can share post athletic experiences and advice and support.

Speaking about the pending launch of the Olympians Network, Joël Bouzou, WOA President, said:

"The progress of The Olympians Network is a great boost to the development of the WOA for the benefit of Olympians around the world. We're very excited about what we have seen so far and we know that this will be a great tool that will help Olympians to connect with each other and build a career once they retire from competition.

"Sochi 2014 was a huge success for the IOC and the WOA. The unveiling of our new website, email service and logo highlighted our ambition and the direction in which we want to take the WOA. The Olympians Network will be the next step on our journey and is just one of many innovative projects and partnerships we aim to launch in the next two years."

If you are an Olympian and you would like to register for The Olympians Network, you will need an email address. If you don't already have one, please register here.