WOA says get active on Olympic Day

18 | 5 | 2015

As the Olympic Movement gears up for Olympic Day 2015, the WOA is encouraging NOAs and their Olympian members to get involved in activities for the global celebration. The WOA has also asked NOAs share with them their Olympic Day plans in advance as well as photographs on the day.

NOAs are encouraged to get in touch with their National Olympic Committee to see how they can help to organise sports, cultural and educational activities for children and adults in their local communities. Information on the activities that NOCs around the world are planning can be accessed via the IOC’s interactive map:

Olympic Day activities will be promoted and publicised through the Olympic Day Countdown on the WOA’s digital and social platforms. This is something that took place successfully in 2014 and this year the aim is to do even better – Faster, Higher, Stronger! Please send inspirational stories, information and images to

At the core of the celebrations will be sports events like the traditional Olympic Day run – a fun event for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy physical activity while learning about Olympic ideals and how they can foster social cohesion and sporting excellence in communities across the world. Olympic Day is much more than just a sporting event; it is a day for the world to become more active and knowledgeable about sport and society.

Please do what you can to support this initiative and spread the Olympic spirit in communities across the world. We look forward to hearing about your inspiring activities.