Countdown to Olympic Day – 26 days to go!

28 | 5 | 2014

With just under a month to go until the 66th Olympic Day, the Olympic Movement is gearing up for a global celebration of its core values of excellence, friendship and respect.

As in previous years, the 2014 edition will see the majority of National Olympic Committees and International Federations come together to organise cultural and educational activities for children and adults around the world. At the core of the celebrations will be the traditional Olympic Day run – a fun event for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy physical activity while learning about the role of sport in society, Olympic ideals and how they can foster social cohesion and sporting excellence in communities across the world.

Olympic day is much more than just a sporting event; it is a day for the world to become more active and knowledgeable about sport and society. Through the three pillars move, learn and discover National Olympic Committees are organising sports, cultural and educational activities throughout the world.

National Olympian Associations are encouraged get in touch with NOCs to explore how they can involve their members in Olympic Day activities in their country. NOAs should also look at ways they can work alongside their NOC on Olympic Day projects.