Discover the IOC Athlete Learning Gateway

16 | 9 | 2015

The IOC is inviting Olympians everywhere to join the Athlete Learning Gateway which is a free online resource aimed at elite athletes, their coaches and those around them.

This is a great opportunity to be part of an online learning and sharing community which gives users access to valuable advice from fellow athletes who have succeeded after retiring from elite sport and allows interaction in online forums and exclusive live events.

The resource features insights from great Olympians along with short courses delivered by leading academics from around the world, covering subjects such as sports psychology, nutrition, leadership and career transition.

Since its launch in April this year the Athlete Learning Gateway has been accessed from more than 200 countries, providing exclusive learning material that improves knowledge and inspires those seeking to advance their careers beyond competitive sport.

With over 100,000 Olympians spread across six continents, the Athlete Learning Gateway is creating a new way to support and connect Olympians throughout their careers and following their retirement from competitive sport.

Be part of it and experience the benefits by visiting and registering for free.

WOA President, Joël Bouzou, said:

“The WOA fully supports this fantastic new platform which is already having a positive impact on Olympians all around the world. It is a key ambition of the WOA to help athletes transition from competition to a life after sport and the IOC Athlete Learning Gateway is quickly becoming a vital tool in that process.”

“The portal gives current and retired athletes the help and support needed to boost their prospects on and off the field and aims to motivate, inspire and even challenge Olympians in their sporting career and beyond.”

Jazmine Fenlator, US Olympian Bobsledder, said:

“I strongly believe that education is a tool that no one can take away from you.  This enables you to define your future when the road is uncertain.  The IOC’s Athlete Learning Gateway provides the ability for people to have access to lessons and tools that will not only make them a better athletes but will make them better people for life after sport. So I encourage you all to log on – because I did!”

 Phil Greening, Former England Rugby Player and International Rugby Sevens coach, said:  

“I’m just eager to expand my knowledge in all aspects of high performance and well-being.  I’m already recommending the Athletes Learning Gateway to coaches, players and colleagues.”