Olympians Sign-Up for Olympians Reunion Centre by EY

16 | 5 | 2016

With less than three months to go to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games the Olympians Reunion Centre by EY is proving a big draw for Olympians heading to the first South American Games. More than 100 Olympians have so far registered interest to visit the Centre in Rio with many more expected to sign-up ahead of the start of the Games on 5 August.

Olympian sibling duo, Sophia and Christopher Papamichalopoulos, are two of those who will be joining the festivities at the Olympians Reunion Centre by EY this August. Sophia and her brother Christopher represented Cyprus as the country’s sole competitors at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games. Both took part in the slalom and giant slalom events and shared the Cyprus flag bearing duties, with Christopher taking the Opening Ceremony and Sophia the Closing.

It will be their first time attending an Olympians Reunion Centre and Sophia Papamichalopoulos said they can’t wait:

“When we first heard about the Olympians Reunion Centre by EY in Rio we were really excited about the idea. It’s a great way of connecting with fellow athletes, and being part of the Olympic movement again, even as “retired” athletes. This will be a great place to exchange thoughts, ideas and interact with former and active athletes.”

As well as enjoying their first Summer Games experience the pair will be making the most of their time travelling in South America, an area they have not previously visited. Sophia said they are eager to return to the Olympic fold and visiting the Olympians Reunion Centre by EY while in Rio allows them to feel connected.

 “There is a special feeling all Olympians share; that is the feeling when you enter the parade of nations at the opening ceremony for the first time. For us, it was a privilege to share this moment together as brother and sister. Having been away from our sport for some time now, we both wish to return as advocates of the Olympic spirit and values. Being part of the Olympic Movement and connecting with fellow athletes is something that fulfils us.”

She added that Olympians are in a unique position to use their status as role models for the good of society and both she and her brother Christopher hope to take on a much more active role within the Olympic community going forward.

“As an Olympian, you are given the chance to influence the people around you. Olympians act as role models for people of all age groups. It is in our interest to promote the Olympic legacy and its values. Promoting Olympism means sending out a bigger message, it means promoting ethics, equality, health, fair play and peace, all by means of one common denominator, sport.

“We are in a position to address many issues that affect active and former athletes, and to influence the advancement of sport organisations and federations in ways that benefit the athletes.”

The World Olympians Association (WOA) has joined forces with EY to host the 2016 edition of the Olympians Reunion Centre, a destination hub for Olympians of all ages to gather in the heart of the Olympic action in Rio. The multi-purpose space situated at the iconic Club de Regatas do Flamengo on the shores of Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas will offer Olympians a unique Rio experience, while a packed programme of Olympic Family events will ensure a vibrant atmosphere throughout the Games.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this exciting venue, pre-register now and enjoy the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in comfort and style. By registering in advance you and one guest can gain priority access and avoid queues on the door.

To sign up simply visit the WOA website and fill in the online form at

Image credit: Getty Images