WOA Launches Service to Society Grant Programme

29 | 11 | 2016

World Olympians Association has announced the launch of a new programme offering National Olympians Associations (NOAs) the opportunity to apply for one of five Service to Society grants of up to US$5,000 each.

Service to Society grants aim to assist NOAs around the world to run sustainable projects and activities, furthering the WOA’s mission of empowering Olympians to help make the world a better place. The grants will provide five NOAs (one from each continent) with funding to assist them in delivering Olympian-led community initiatives. Successful projects will have clear objectives that align to the promotion of the Olympic Values, Olympism in Society, Olympic Agenda 2020 and the activities of the Olympic Movement.

The awards will be overseen by the WOA Service to Society Grants Panel, composed of WOA Executive Committee members from each continent, who will evaluate and decide upon the eventual recipients.

The application deadline is 16 January 2017. Grants will be announced and awarded in February 2017.

The inaugural award of the Service to Society grants in 2017 will sit alongside the WOA’s existing NOA Development Grant programme, which currently offers funding and assistance to encourage the growth and sustainability of 148 NOAs worldwide.

WOA President, Joël Bouzou, said:

“WOA is excited to announce our inaugural Service to Society grant programme, which will award funding to five worthy Olympian-led community action projects in 2017.

“Olympians embody the Olympic spirit and act as ambassadors of the Olympic Movement, inspiring the next generation of Olympic athletes and fans through their words and actions. We are committed to supporting Olympians to reach their potential at all stages of their careers, whether that be through community involvement, leadership or simply by spreading the spirit and practice of Olympism in their daily lives.

“Through our Service to Society grant programme we hope to give Olympians the best possible platform from which to deliver vital projects that foster social development, promote unity and empower Olympians to help make the world a better place.”

For further details about the 2017 Service to Society grant programme and the entry criteria please click here.

Photo credit: HVA Olympisch / NOC*NSF