Best Practice

Promoting Olympism in Ukraine

5 | 2 | 2014

Olympians in Ukraine are playing their part in promoting sport and the values of Olympism in the hope of inspiring the next generation of athletes.

The Olympic Lesson initiative has been staged every September since 1995 and since its inception, 2,500,000 children have participated in the programme of Olympic and non-Olympic sports. Supported by $200,000 investment from the Ukraine National Olympic Committee, sports federations and state authorities, schools are able to promote sporting and community values.

The project, a combined sporting and educational event for secondary schools children, is held in city centres throughout Ukraine. The programme has four main aims of promoting healthy lifestyles, spreading the Olympic ideal, developing the Olympic movement in Ukraine and involving the largest possible number of children in sport.

The guiding principle behind the programme is to make it fun for participating children, with the hope some will one day be inspired to pursue their own Olympic dream. As part of the initiative, they are given the opportunity to work with Olympians, quiz specialist coaches and take part in mini tournaments.