Best Practice

Spanish youngsters learn Olympic ideals

5 | 2 | 2014

Young people in Spain are learning the value of Olympic ideals thanks to a joint project between the Spanish Olympians Association and the Spanish Olympic Committee.

The Olympic All campaign is an educational programme presented by Olympians, in which, different aspects of the Olympic Movement, its values and history are taught to children between the ages of 12 and 14.

It is hoped that the initiative will bring to life for students the ideas of respect and equality and provide a thorough understanding of high-level sport.

A further programme, Olympic Heroes, has also been created for younger students aged 8-9. This initiative sees athletes narrate tales of Olympian exploits, again encouraging them to embrace the ideals of Olympism.

Raul Chapado, President of the Spanish Olympians Association, said: "The success of these programmes is that they combine education, community values and development of the Olympic Movement. Spanish Olympic athletes have shown their commitment to society, especially with young people.

“This is a perfect example of close collaboration between the Spanish Olympic Committee, public institutions, communities and athletes. Thanks to these programmes, thousands of children have much more knowledge about Olympism, sport and the lifestyle of athletes."