Kosovo Olympians to get their own association

5 | 12 | 2023

The Kosovo Olympic Committee has pledged to help Olympians in its country set up a Kosovo Olympians Association. WOA Executive Committee member Igor Boraska OLY has met with Kosovo Olympic Committee President Mr. Ismet Krasniqi to discuss the formation of the association.

President Krasniqi expressed the willingness and readiness of the KOC to establish the Kosovo National Olympians Association as soon as possible in close cooperation with the World Olympians Association.

Boraska congratulated President Krasniqi on Kosovo’s successes already achieved as one of the newest National Olympic Committees. Kosovo has won three Olympic gold medals in its first two summer Olympic Games, one at Rio 2016 and two at Tokyo 2020.

WOA President Joël Bouzou OLY said: “We thank Mr. Krasniqi for his warm welcome of our executive committee member Igor Boraska OLY. We are looking forward to working with the KOC to help Kosovo Olympians form their National Olympians Association so that they can serve the needs of Kosovo Olympians and empower them to spread the values of the Olympic movement and use the power of sport to give back to their communities.”