iSportConnect joins #TargetEbola Campaign

28 | 11 | 2014

Global sport business network iSportConnect has joined forces with the WOA in a bid to help tackle the Ebola crisis in West Africa. Following a Director’s Club event in London on Wednesday at which two-time Sierra Leone Olympian Dr Francis Dove Edwin and WOA Chief Executive Mike Miller presented, iSportConnect made a commitment to promote #TargetEbola to its international community of sport business leaders and executives.

Dove Edwin, who has witnessed first-hand the devastation caused to his country of birth and the impact the virus has had on its people, urged those attending the iSportConnect Directors’ Club meeting to help raise awareness and much-needed funds to fight the spread of Ebola in West Africa. He said the sporting world has a duty to get involved and help save lives:

“The impact of the disease is far-reaching; it is something that affects the human race and it is something that affects our brothers and sisters playing sport. Gatherings are banned in most parts of West Africa so playing sport and even training is impossible. That is why we need to act now. We need to use the positive influence our position as leaders in sport gives us to help everyone affected by this deadly disease.”

Sree Varma, Founder and CEO of iSportConnect, said:

“Ebola is a devastating disease that is affecting the lives of so many people and iSportConnect is proud to team up with the WOA and get involved in #TargetEbola. It is vital that members of our community are aware of the impact Ebola is having on our friends and colleagues in West Africa and Francis Dove Edwin’s moving talk really brought home to us the importance of working together to help fight the spread of this deadly virus.”

Mike MillerWOA Chief Executive, said: 

“We are grateful for the response from iSportConnect and welcome their support of #TargetEbola. We are asking everyone in the Olympic Family and wider sporting community to support #TargetEbola and help those in need. You can do this by visiting to donate much needed funds. You can raise awareness of the campaign by spreading the message on social media and you can contribute sporting memorabilia that can then be auctioned by the WOA. Every effort and every penny helps and we are urging the sporting community to act now.”

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#TargetEbola was launched last month following an appeal to the WOA from Dr Francis Dove Edwin, who was appointed to the Presidential task force to fight the spread of Ebola in his home country. Since then the WOA has teamed up with international aid organisation Oxfam and US humanitarian NGO Medisend International and put into motion efforts to deliver much needed supplies to West Africa.

To get involved and promote #TargetEbola, the donation link is and the SMS details are Text TARGET to 70066 [UK only].

You can also support the campaign by posting selfies on social media. The #TargetEbola selfie kit can be downloaded here: