WOA Hosts IOC Athletes’ Commission at the Olympians Reunion Centre by EY in Rio

9 | 8 | 2016

In a first of its kind meeting the World Olympians Association (WOA) has welcomed the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Athletes’ Commission to the Olympians Reunion Centre by EY in Rio.

The IOC Athletes’ Commission was invited by WOA President, Joël Bouzou, to tour the ORC, the destination hub for Olympians in Rio during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and learn about how the venue is engaging and inspiring Olympians from around the world.

The 18 members of the WOA Executive Committee, who are gathered in Rio for the first full meeting of the WOA Board, and the IOC Athletes’ Commission took the opportunity to discuss ways the two groups can enhance their strong working relationship to further support Olympians and promote athlete welfare.

WOA President Joël Bouzou, said:

“The WOA and the IOC Athletes’ Commission continue to enjoy a strong relationship due to our shared commitment to athlete care and our desire to support Olympians at all stages of their career. Athletes are the driving force of the Olympic Games and through our work and that of the IOC Athletes’ Commission we want to ensure their best interests remain at the heart of the Olympic Movement. By getting to know each other better we can harmonise our approach and create the strongest force possible to spread Olympism in action.”

Angela Ruggiero, one of five IOC representatives on the WOA Executive Committee and newly elected chair of the IOC Athletes’ Commission, said:

“With new members of the IOC Athletes’ Commission recently elected it was the perfect opportunity to come together and get to know members of the recently expanded WOA Executive Committee. The Olympians Reunion Centre, as the meeting place of Olympians here in Rio, was the ideal location for the meeting to take place.”

Angela Ruggiero will take office as Chair of the IOC Athletes’ Commission following the Rio 2016 Olympic Games when current Claudia Bokel steps down after four years in office.

Image Credit: IOC