NOA Guide

Branding & Marketing

Maintain a close association with WOA

NOAs should be aligned to the mission and purpose of WOA: To serve the needs of Olympians thereby making the world a better place.

As members of WOA and as an important part of the Olympic Family, NOAs have a responsibility to respect the Olympic Charter and the IOC Brand Guidelines.

Important points about Olympic branding

Within their territories, National Olympic Committees are responsible for the use of the Olympic properties and related marks to promote the Olympic Movement.

The Olympic properties include:

  • Olympic symbol (rings)
  • Olympic flag
  • Olympic motto
  • Olympic anthem
  • The words “Olympic”, “Olympics” and “Olympian”
  • Olympic flame and torches
  • And other related marks

NOAs must have a valid written agreement from their NOCs to use the Olympic properties, and the Olympic properties should only be used for non-commercial purposes.

Using WOA’s brand

For the use of the WOA logo (or any part of it) or OLY in your NOA events and activities, please contact the WOA team in advance to request approval. 


If your NOA intends to hold a ceremony to present the certificates of recognition or OLY pins, please contact WOA team. You can also find out more information here

NOA organisational email (

If your NOA would like to have an email address using the domain, please speak to the WOA team. This email address is meant for official NOA organisational use only. If you are an Olympian and would like to have a personal email address with the domain, please sign up here

Developing NOA logos

There are two ways you can develop your NOA logo. You can design your own NOA logo or WOA can create a logo design for your NOA. The WOA-designed logo will contain WOA brand elements. Either way, please speak to the WOA team.

NOA-designed logo process

If you would like to design your own NOA logo, please check with WOA to ensure that you do not use WOA brand elements. Most importantly, you need to obtain approval from your NOC before using your NOA logo as included in the NOA Olympic Properties Agreement. Please follow the step-by-step process below.



How to use the NOA Logo

  • DO use the full-colour logo on a white background only.
  • DON’T alter the logo in any way.
  • DON’T place the logo next to any other text or logo without permission from your NOC and WOA.
  • DO ask the WOA team when in doubt!

Updated on 10 December 2019