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Project Delivery

Deliver Service to Society and Service to Olympians Projects

Action is the key to success! It is important that your annual plan includes at least one project or event which supports Olympians and one project to serve the community. The more activities you have, the more you will:

  • Keep Olympians engaged
  • Raise your NOA’s profile
  • Strengthen relationships with other stakeholders – NOC and government
  • Increase your membership and supporters

 To help you with your projects, there are WOA grants that are available to your NOA.

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WOA Grants Programme

WOA distributes funding under the following three categories:

  • NOA Development - $1,000 USD grants per annum
  • Service to Olympians - 5 x $5,000 USD grants per annum
  • Service to Society - 5 x $5,000 USD grants per annum

NOA Development Grants

The $1000 USD grants support NOAs with administration or operations. Applications open for NOA Development Grants in January each year and all NOAs are encouraged to apply.

Service to Olympians Grants

The $5,000 USD grants support projects that help the ongoing development, celebration and recognition of Olympians. The types of projects WOA has funded include:

  • Skill building and education workshops for Olympians (media training, resume / CV building etc)
  • Games anniversary celebrations
  • Reunion / networking events and OLY presentations
  • Creation of digital platforms to engage NOA members
  • Mentoring programmes

Service to Society Grants

The $5,000 USD grants support projects that help communities. In the past WOA has funded projects which aim to address:

  • Social cohesion
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Youth activity / prevention of obesity
  • Sport for All
  • Elite sport development
  • Olympic Values education

Answers to your WOA Grant Questions

What makes a good application?

  • A strong project mission explaining who will benefit and how.
  • A well-thought-out operational plan and finance breakdown.
  • A partnership with your NOC / NOC Athletes’ Commission is encouraged.

Who are the WOA decision-makers?

The WOA Grants Panel consists of one EXCO member from each Continent.

What if my NOA doesn’t have a bank account?

This doesn’t mean you cannot apply. Usually we request that the payment is made through the NOC instead. WOA doesn’t pay in cash or to individual bank accounts.

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Best Practices

Here are some examples of Service to Society and Service to Olympian projects.

Updated on 12 August 2020