NOA Guide

Stakeholder Engagement

Engage with other stakeholders, including your NOC

There are many organisations that contribute to the Olympic Movement and it is important for NOAs to develop relationships with these stakeholders to help:

  • Promote the NOA
  • Support fundraising
  • Deliver more effective programmes

Here are some examples of stakeholders that might be present in your country.

Prioritise your relationships

Consider which organisations’ goals best align with your NOA’s, where are there existing projects / experts that align with your goals, who you can help the most, and who has the most resources to support you.

The most important is your National Olympic Committee (NOC)

The best possible relationship between the NOC and NOA will result in a stronger athlete and Olympians’ community in your country.

As a member of WOA, your NOC should already know about your NOA (please see NOA checklist). But does your NOC really understand what you are trying to achieve and feel part of your success?

If you are trying to build a new relationship with your NOC

  • Arrange an introduction meeting with your NOC
  • Provide them with information in advance – your Executive Committee, your Constitution etc
  • Do some preparation - a draft strategic plan, project ideas and plans
  • Ask your NOC how you can help them
  • If you need help to contact your NOC, please ask the WOA team
  • Request a NOC letter of recognition from your NOC

If you are strengthening an existing relationship

  • Share your strategic and operations plans
  • Invite your NOC to speak at / attend your meetings and events
  • Identify and offer ways to help with NOC initiatives
  • Propose ideas for joint projects

Be professional 

Prepare well for meetings, using the NOA Templates available within the Member Engagement Section.

Work with your NOC Athletes' Commission (AC)

As fellow athletes, there are many opportunities to collaborate to advance the Olympic Movement. Consider co-opting a member of the AC into your executive committee and vice-versa. This will ensure alignment and also strengthen the athlete and Olympian community in your country.

This is reflected in the IOC and WOA relationship. There is a WOA representative within the IOC Athletes' Commission and also an IOC AC liaison that sits on the WOA Executive Committee. 


Engagement with other stakeholders can take many forms. It can start small with an invitation for an external party to attend your NOA activity or event. This may lead to a longer term partnership where they are invited to play an active role or even co-organise the event in the future. With combined resources, this would help to grow the event and reach out to a larger audience.

You can find examples of collaborations between NOAs and NOCs, and NOAs and NOC ACs here.

Updated on 12 August 2020