OLY House Tokyo 2020

Get ready for OLY Day

It’s time to start planning for the first ever OLY Day. This is your chance to celebrate and engage with Olympians returning back from Tokyo 2020.

You watched them on tv representing your nation while performing on the world’s biggest sporting stage. OLY Day brings the Olympics home, celebrates your Olympians, connects them to your NOA and Olympian community and aims to inspire young people to take up sport and live the Olympic Values.

OLY Day will grow your NOA

OLY Day makes sure that Tokyo 2020 Olympians know your NOA exists and is there for them. By running an OLY Day welcome home celebration you will show returning Olympians that your NOA is active and is worth them joining. They will see that after the Games they are still connected to the Olympic Movement and are valued members of a connected, global OLY community through your NOA and their local alumni network.

Introduce them to the work that your NOA carries out and communicate their new responsibility as role models in society.

Help them share the Olympic spirit with those back home, inspire kids and give back to the communities that supported them.

Use this moment to work in collaboration with your NOC and Athletes’ Commission.

OLY Day activities benefit both Olympians and their communities

Olympians love their OLY certificates, pins and the use of the post-nominal OLY letters. At least those who know about it do. Make sure they know about it. Your OLY Day activities should include presentations of OLY certificates and pins which can be done as individual or group presentations, in person or virtual. Olympians from previous Games can formally present those returning from Tokyo with OLY recognition which would bind together the generations.

Olympians feel good giving back and helping those less fortunate than themselves. Run community events as part of OLY Day that inspire young people through the Olympic values. This could be a march, a meet and greet, the reciting of an Olympic oath or similar.

These activities can be combined or carried out separately and tailored to your country’s specific culture while adhering to any current Covid restrictions. Other activities can be added. There is no one size fits all. Be creative.

OLY Day expands your NOA’s network

OLY Day is an excellent way to increase visibility of your NOA in your community, with your government and sports funding bodies and with your sport national federations. It’s a good opportunity to work together with and so build a stronger working relationship with your NOC and Athletes’ Commission.

OLY Day activities are already being planned by NOAs

Ahead of running a series of OLY Day celebrations WOA Board Member, Natalie Cook OLY, says: “Hundreds of Australians will be returning from Tokyo after achieving their dreams and we will be ready to welcome them back with open arms. Our events will provide the perfect platform to celebrate their achievements, inspire our communities and promote the Olympic spirit.”

WOA President, Joël Bouzou OLY says: “The weeks immediately after the Olympic Games - when the buzz and excitement is still high - is the ideal time to engage with existing and new Olympians, grow your NOA network and inspire local communities.

“OLY Day is a new concept designed to harness this moment and unite Olympians at a national level. I can’t wait to see what you and your NOA have planned.”

Get Ready for OLY Day

So don’t miss out on this great opportunity to grow your NOA, celebrate your Olympians and inspire young people to take up sport. Start thinking about what you can do in your country. We are here to help you. Follow the 10 Steps to deliver a successful OLY Day.  In the meantime, if you have any questions about OLY Day please contact info@thewoa.org.